"This game is about combat.  There are no points for second place."  If you love the movie "Top Gun" and you love the Bills, you're going to love this.

The Bills take on the Patriots tomorrow night at Highmark Stadium.  It's do or die. Is this the biggest game the Bills have played since Josh Allen has taken the lead of this team?  I mean, the first playoff game after a 17-year drought was big.  The AFC Championship against the Chiefs was huge last year.  But last year, there weren't expectations like there have been for the Bills this year.

But this game.  This one right here is important.

It's not just to keep their playoff hopes and Super Bowl dreams alive.  This one is for pride.  We've got people like Dave Portnoy saying that this is the real game that will determine the division championship for this year (I mean...it's not, the Bills are the AFC East champs.  You can't argue with that) and for bragging rights.

If the Bills win can we finally stop letting the Patriots live rent-free in our heads? Can we let go of the doubt that we have every time our team steps onto a field and Bill Belichick is on the opposite sideline?

So here we go Bills...this is your time. Time to prove that you're the best of the best.



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