Boxing Legends Talk
If you follow boxing, then you know the names Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes. Both boxers will be appearing at Turning Stone Resort & Casino Wednesday, June 4th for a conversation with fans. Here are the details.
14 Second Double Knockout
Have you ever boxed or stepped into a ring? It can be a challenge. Your's truly has had a few hits to the head to many to give it up. Boxing is a great workout, but defiantly can hurt if you don't pay attention. I give all the credit possible to guys who box, wrestle, and fight i…
6 Boxing Knockouts That Will Make You Cringe
At its roots, boxing toes the line between ornate physical dexterity and ferocious physical violence. It’s a combination of  the two that keep the hardcore fans entertained, but it’s the latter that brings new fans to the support.
The following is a multi-wei…

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