A fifteen year old St. Lawrence county girl got the scare of her life when she was home alone. The scenario would be enough to alarm any adult, two unknown men in camouflage at the door, a dog fight in the backyard, followed by a gunshot and the men then fleeing. The mystery was solved by great detective work by an officer with the NY Department of Environmental Conservation.

The unnamed girl and her family live in a rural area in the town of Lisbon. The incident began when a pair of trucks pulled into the driveway and men she didn't recognize came to the door. At the same time the dog fight in the backyard began. Obviously frightened, she didn't answer the door. The men proceeded to the backyard followed by the gunshot and them leaving quickly.

Following the ruckus, the teen called her parents, who in turn contacted Conservation Officer Canary. His investigation revealed what went down. The men were coyote hunters and their dogs were pursuing one when it ran into the family's backyard and the dogs cornered it. The dogs were equipped with GPS collars and the men were able to locate them at the home. Seeing the cornered coyote they shot it and then left the scene.

Officer Canary notice the men's trucks had left tracks in freshly fallen snow. Visiting the homes of five known coyote hunters in the area, he was able to match the tread pattern. The hunter admitted to shooting the coyote and was ticketed for trespassing and shooting within 500 feet of a dwelling.

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