Tino's in Oneonta is the original home of the cold cheese pizza. Tino and I talked about the 'cold cheese' and how it got started. This is the cult pizza that Oneonta is known for.

College kids would come to Tino's famished and order slice after slice after slice. The pizza was served up very hot and the kids wouldn't wait for it to cool. They would start eating the slices and were actually searing the roof of their mouth with the hot cheese. Someone at Tino's had the idea of taking the really hot slice of cheese pizza and throwing a handful of cold mozzarella on it. It was love at first bite.

You don't go to Tino's for the ambiance. You go because you want extremely piping hot pizza with mounds and mounds of cold mozzarella on top.

For those who have never had cold cheese pizza what you're imagining right now is probably not that appetizing. Take a look at the pictures below and you will literally see how good it tastes.

Bonus Video - Behind the Scenes at Brooks BBQ in Oneonta

Another Oneonta institution is Brooks' BBQ - home of the largest indoor charcoal pit in America.