Are you a fan of Star Trek? Get ready for #TrekClass to begin in Syracuse. You can take this class online, or in person, for free.

This free course will be Central New York's introduction to "strange new worlds, alien civilizations and unusual concepts". This class welcomes life long Star Trek fans, or even beginners.

Whether you're a seasoned fan or just making first contact with the franchise, #TrekClass has been carefully planned to tell the story of Starfleet in a way that is approachable for the first-time viewer and delightful for the lifelong Trekker."

So what exactly will the course cover?

- Discover the history and evolution of Star Trek from its origins on television to the present day film franchise, and beyond.

- Learn about Gene Roddenberry, creator and auteur of Star Trek, and his philosophical vision that remains central to the franchise and its fandom.

- Discuss concepts of science fiction and science fact seen in Star Trek, including Trek's remarkable record of imagining and inspiring modern technologies from the mobile phone to the iPad.

- Examine Star Trek's tradition of using science fiction storytelling to explore challenging issues of society and culture, from race and gender to global politics and warfare.

- Explore the global Trek fandom that has supported and contributed to the franchise since its earliest days, from conventions to fan-made films.

- And much, much more...."

Once again, the class is free. You can signup online, or in person. Classes begin in person on September 21st at the Palace Theater and run through December each and every Monday.