Can you imagine trying to open a restaurant, trying to name it after yourself, then being told you can't? Crazy right? Well, that's exactly what happened with Tiger Woods when he tried opening "Tiger Woods". 

The Florida restaurant Wood's tried opening is now named "The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club". The name of the restaurant was not allowed to use Woods’s first and last name because Nike “has the rights to the name Tiger Woods”. Seriously?

Actually, that's not true at all. According to Eater, Tiger Woods' manager and Nike both released statements saying that Nike does not own the right to Woods' name.

“I can’t imagine how this could have been communicated this way. It is wholly inaccurate and categorically false,” Steinberg said. “Tiger owns his own name and always had. He can use his name in any form he chooses. Nike would confirm that if asked.” Later Wednesday, a Nike spokeswoman did just that, saying, "Nike does not own the name 'Tiger Woods.' We can confirm that Mark Steinberg's comments are accurate.""

Who wants to open a restaurant called "Dave Wheeler's"?



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