Probably everyone knows someone who suffers from hypothyroidism.  If you have a family member or friend who is taking medications to treat hypothyroidism, you are going to want to let them know that there are certain batches of medications used to treat this disease which is being recalled after a Chinese supplier failed a Food and Drug  Administration inspection.

Medications which contain a combination of levothyroxine and liothyronine, are synthetic thyroid hormones used when a patient's thyroid gland is no longer working properly, according to CNN. The medications came from Westminster Pharmaceuticals, and they are recalling the drugs involved. Full details on the drugs involved are available on the FDA Website.

The supplier that was inspected by the FDA is the Sichuan Friendly Pharmaceutical Co. back in October according to CNN. Then in June, the FDA notified the Chinese company as a result of not meeting manufacturing standards it could cause potential problems with the purity of their products.  They also told wholesalers to stop distributing the products and those products which were already distributed needed to be returned according to a news release.

There have been "no adverse events" reported according to USA Today.  If you have questions or concerns, you should talk to your doctor.



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