Memorial Day Weekend has always been the unofficial start of summertime in New York State, as hundreds of families with be firing up their BBQ grills for the first tie this year.

The vaccine has allowed us to once again gather together in numbers to celebrate the three-day weekend, but precautions still exists and many will choose to enjoy some back yard BBQ’s.

Many outdoor grills have sat dormant for months and are being used for the first time this season, so it is important to know some basic safety grilling tips that can prevent injuries.

The National Fire Protection Association says an average of close to 20,000 people a year go to the emergency room with injuries involving grills, and gas grills were the cause of over 10,000 home fires per year.

Let’s be safe this BBQ season, as you get ready to start up your grill, please check out these safety tips that could prevent injuries or fires.

BBQ Grilling Safety Tips

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