I've found that most people think the state of New York stops once you cross the Hudson River well not so Buck-O!

This is a great state for the adventurous thrill seeker, culture hound, and sports fan,  remember Cooperstown is the HOME OF BASEBALL and the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the land simply called UPSTATE.

1. Ride a Bobsled over the Olympic course in Lake Placid. You'll have a lot more respect for the men and women that do that sport in the Olympics.

2. The Enchanted Forest Water Safari, not the speed of a bobsled but lot's of fun none the less for the whole family.

3.  Lake George Great Escape good rides that will scare you more than just a little.

4.  Darian Lake a Six Flaggs Park and the rides that will scare the dickens out of you.

5.  If you like wine then you will love the Seneca Wine Trail on the west side of Seneca Lake.

6.  The best exhibition of glass and the chance to blow glass, with some help of an expert. You can all of this at the Corning Glass museum. this is a day long piece of history

7.  Lake Placid and the arena that hosted the Miracle on Ice when Team USA  took the gold. Stop and enjoy Lake Placid and the Olympic Village

8.  Looking for something to get your pulse up a few notches?  How about a short trip to Watertown, New York, and a White Water Rafting trip? Everyone I talk to says it is the best ride around.

9.  What would a trip be without a stop in Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall Of Fame? After all, it is the home of America's great past time, baseball,

10. Do take the time to be a tourist and take the Thousand Island Boat Tour. The homes you'll see will amaze you and the Boldt Castle is a sight all by itself.

These 10 things to do are just the beginning of what our state has to offer outside of the city. Plan ahead and make a day trip out all 10 places to visit.



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