The Who will be hitting the studio this summer to record their first new material since 2006.

On Monday, June 30, 2014, Pete Townshend announced at a press conference that Roger Daltrey had "approved" several new songs to be recorded by the band for an upcoming album.  And along with that, another venture out on the road for a "final tour".  This time it might actually be their final tour - Daltrey said this:

We can’t go on touring forever. [This tour] will have a finality to it. We’ll stop touring before we stop playing as a band.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

And The Who's own website quotes Daltrey in their tour announcement:

This is the beginning of the long goodbye.

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The tour is called "The Who Hits 50".  Really?  50 straight years of rock from The Who?  One of my favorite quotes about this is from Pete Townshend:

If I had enough hairs to split I would say that for thirteen years since 1964 The Who didn’t really exist, so we are really only thirty-seven.

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CJ's Classic Concert Cut on Tuesday was "Baba O'Riley" from the Quadrophenia Live release recorded in 2013.  Their live performance is still unmatched.



Pete Townshend describes the shows, starting this fall in the UK, as "Hits, Picks, Mixes and Misses".  No US dates have been announced, but it will likely be late Spring 2015.