The Who legend Roger Daltrey gave himself a birthday present over the weekend while aboard the Rock Legends Cruise VIII. Celebrating his 76th birthday, Daltrey smashed a cake into the face of Sebastian Bach, receiving a huge ovation from the rock cruise crowd.

“Cakes and the Who are very dangerous,” Daltrey said after Bach presented him with the cake. As the former Skid Row singer led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to Roger, the legendary Who singer shoved his own cake into Bach’s mug, completely taking the “savage animal” by surprise.

Bach finished singing “Happy Birthday” before saying, “If you weren't Roger Daltrey, this would be a different situation. Do we love this man or what? Oh my god, what a disaster.”

“It’s a good job Keith isn’t here as well,” Daltrey joked about his late bandmate. “Because we’d all be covered in cake. Thank you, Sebastian. That was so kind of you, man. Thank you for being such a good sport.”

Bach was, in fact, a good sport, dismissing himself from the stage to wash the batter and frosting from his face. Watch the full video below.

Daltrey turned 76 on March 1. The musician most recently released his 10th studio album, As Long as I Have You, in 2018.

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