Looking for a good show this weekend? Look no further than our own backyard. The Westmoreland High School Drama will present the musical comedy “The Wedding Singer” on Thursday, Friday and Saturday March 31st, April 1st and 2nd at 7:30pm in the High School auditorium.


The musical starts in Ridgefield, New Jersey in 1986. Robbie Hart, wedding singer extraordinaire, is in high demand. Robbie and his band members Sammy, George and Slim Jim cover all the hits. Robbie has a special knack for making everyone in attendance feel welcome and special. A rocking wedding reception comes to life as Robbie finesses the audience, but the stars align when he meets Julia Sullivan who is catering with her cousin Holly. It's Julia's anniversary with her boyfriend Glen and she hopes he will surprise her with something nice. Robbie and his fiancée Linda's wedding day arrive, but unfortunately Linda doesn’t show. Robbie is heartbroken, but Julia is there to help and now Robbie’s life changes forever.

This show is filled with great rock and roll music in the style of the eighties and a storyline with characters you will never forget. Over thirty songs and a cast of seventy students will light up the stage with excitement, comedy and fun. The musical is directed by Kirk and Debbie Baldwin. The Pit Band is directed by Miss Kristyn Morgan. Featured actors include: Mike Jennings; Alissa Cornacchia; Billy Alsheimer; Madeline Harrison; Cody Dulan; Knakita Harris; Stephen Shepherd; Kelley Citrin; Jeremy Coombs; Taylor Chouinard; Christian Ferguson; Elizabeth Crane; Dan Guglielmo; McKenzie Appler; Nate Humphrey; Andriana Tkachuk; Nick Leone and Gabriella Cannarelli.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or from cast members and are $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for students and senior citizens. Please note that this show has been rated “PG” by Music Theatre International Publishing Company.

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