Our friends over at the Westmoreland High School Drama have a great show for you to check out this weekend. They are proud to present the comedy play “Two Heads Are Better Than One” on November 30th and December 1st starting at 7:00pm in the high school auditorium. 

The Lawrence family is a bit skeptical about the new film adaptation of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” being filmed in town. Not only is this version slightly warped (the Headless Horseman has a girlfriend and they both lose their heads!), but also Max Mercedes, the eccentric director, will be staying at their house. Max’s moods fly from rages to zombie-like staring, which makes it near impossible for his assistant, Beth, who already has her hands full with her party-minded crew, an outraged hotel manager, an egotistical star and a would-be boyfriend. Add to this a pompous mayor who’s against the movie entirely, a public relations lady who keeps trying to put a positive spin on everything and a nosy reporter out for a scoop, and it seems like it couldn’t get any worse. But, of course, it does when SOBS — that’s the Save Our Bridges Society — shows up to block the movie from filming! It’s up to Jim and Ginny Lawrence and their two teenage daughters to prove that “two heads are better than one.

This family comedy is directed by Drama advisors Kirk and Debbie Baldwin. Kirk also handles music, and drama classes at the High School. The cast includes Jessica Harper, Katie Evans, Jamie Mazur, Samantha Chrysler, Sara VanSlyke, Anne Quirk, Jake Landry, Agrima Shrestha, Brigid Edwards, Becca Stottlar, Chris Sears, Alan Dee, Katie Landcastle, Alexa McGregor, Nick Buckholz, Austin Nogas, Kendra McGregor, Alexandria Dee, Stephanie Millage and Emily Gubbins.

Tickets are only $6.00 for adults $5.00 for Students and Senior Citizens and may be purchased at the door or from any cast member.