Laurey's Pizzeria has been making pizzas for almost 50 years and is one of the few pizzerias in the Utica area that makes the signature "upside-down pizza." We got an exclusive behind the scenes look at how they do it!

Laurey's current owner, Gary Zaino, let us come back into the kitchen and try our hand at making one of their upside-down pizzas. According to all the DJ's, it came out delicious!

Laurey's has been making their homemade pizza shells and homemade pizza sauce since opening in 1967, but pizza isn't the only thing that Laurey's creates. They make everything from subs to salads. Their chicken wings are unlike any other pizzeria in Utica.

Try out Laurey's upside-down pizza for yourself, or try one of their pizza and wings specials or some of their Facebook exclusive deals if you like the Laurey's Pizzeria Facebook page.

*Story Written and Submitted by 96.1 The Eagle Intern Dan Curtacci*

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