They may seem innocent and fun, but sometimes, snowball fights can get dangerous! Here are some things you'll want to keep in mind during all-out snow warfare.

With the snow finally on the ground in Central New York, you might be tempted to make a snowball and chuck it at someone. Just remember a few things if it becomes a full fledged snowball fight.

Remember to make sure there is no ice, rocks, or other foreign objects in the snowball. If there's anything hard in the snowball and you hit somebody where it can really hurt, like the head or face, you can do some serious damage. Don't aim anywhere on someone that could result in an injury.

Watch your aim in general as well. A snowball can cause damage to vehicles and houses that you probably don't want to have to pay for. Don't ever throw a snowball at someone that doesn't want to be hit with one or that you don't know. Throwing a snowball at someone can be considered assault and your target might not find getting hit with a snowball as fun as you do.

Don't forget to dress yourself or your kids warm! Kids can easily forget how cold out it is when they're running around throwing snow at each other. Make sure they're protected from the elements as well as the snow!

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