Are you a homeowner with a fire hydrant on your property? Who should be responsible for shoveling around that: You, or local fire departments?

Local fire departments are reminding homeowners that it is the homeowner's responsibility to shovel around it, and clear a path so firefighters can quickly get to it. Makes sense right? According to Local SYR, make sure you shovel enough as well.

"The people who have to actually hit the hydrant, with the hose in the back of the rigs - that's quite a challenge to climb over snow banks, and carry the equipment, and make sure we don't lose anything in the snow. So we do need the 3 foot clearance around the hydrant," said Steve Zaferakis, Deputy Chief of the Moyers Corners Fire Department.

Yes, it's one more thing to shovel....but wouldn't you want to be safe than sorry?



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