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Utica Club Draught Beer Shortage
As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery during my college days, I was weaned on Utica Club Pilsener Lager Beer. Now, according to the brewery, there is a two-week shortage of UC draught beer in central New York. Two weeks? It might as well be eternity, as UC on tap is my beer of choice in ta…
Utica Club History
Due to the recent beer shortage in Utica that has left a draft drought for Utica Club for the next two weeks, we wanted to share the importance of Utica Club in history. You may not know how crucial of a role UC has played in United States history, and even world history.
Louisana Man Reviews Utica Club Beer
As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery during my college days, I'm a loyal supporter of the brewery, in particular Utica Club Pilsener Lager Beer. It's still one of my favorites, and even though today's craft beers are more complex, UC is an honest brew that delivers more bod…
Brewery Collectible Show This Saturday In Marcy
I'm a beer memorabilia collector, big time! Just try to find a regular water glass in our kitchen cupboard filled with Shultz & Dooley and Utica Club mugs! There's a local brewery collectible show this Saturday in Marcy. Check out the details.
Utica Christmas Gifts
It's not the time to freak out over gift shopping. That freak out time is coming up shortly. Need some help this holiday season? Well we have your back. Here's Christmas gifts that are unique to Utica, Rome, and Central New York.
Nora’s Candy Shop Turkey Joints
Turkey Joints …

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