The FX Matt Brewery is getting a makeover.

The Utica Club sign that sits atop the brewery will be restored and updated this summer.

The new design of the sign was voted on in a survey on Facebook last August -- with fans choosing the logo script over replacing the block letters.

The new sign will stand 75 feet tall, which each letter being 12 feet high.

Brewery officials say the new sign will be more structurally sound and the lights will be more energy efficient.  The existing sign will be removed next Tuesday.

Here are some historical facts about the sign:

  • The original electric sign went up in 1914 as the "West End Brewing Company" and remained that until 1939
  • FX Matt I had the sign built to help promote the new beers.
  • The sign also served as a symbol of quality and morale booster for the company's employees
  • The sign took 6 months to build and used 20 tons of steel
  •  It stood 75 feet tall with the height of each letter being 8 feet high
  •  It used 1,950 bulbs
  • The total cost of the sign was $25,000
  • During the summer of 1989 the sign was lit from 9PM to Midnight and the winter months was lit from 6-11PM
  • In 1971 during the country's energy crisis the sign was shut down to conserve electricity and save money

Eric Meier, Townsquare Media