The Utica area is buzzing about the F.X. Matt Brewery's new Utica Club sign. On Monday the sign began its trip to the brewery from Serianni Signs, and today begins the assembly of the sign. We talked with Owner Paul Serianni about the process of making the sign and some of its new features.

Serianni has owned his sign company for about 13 years and has made signs for local businesses across CNY as well as for the Utica Auditorium. In the video below, he gives us an inside look at the area's newest landmark.

Serianni had just returned from mounting the first of two 'Utica' parts of the sign before talking to us. Here's what it looked like as of the interview:

Archie, TSM

The sign is two-sided meaning each side will have its own 'Utica Club' logo. That means that crews will have to attach four sections of the sign before it can then be hoisted up onto the roof of the F.X. Matt Brewery.

Here's a look at an unfinished 'Utica' section that will be finished and mounted later this week:

Archie, TSM

When the sign is completed, it will light up, be able to change colors, blink and flash! For more about the features of the sign, check out the video above.

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