‘Good Dinosaur’ Trailer: Can a Dinosaur Make You Cry?
In an alternate universe, Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur would’ve opened on its original release date, all the way back in November of 2013. But, it hasn’t been an easy road for Pixar’s next movie, which was delayed over two years while the director and cast was replaced, and …
Pixar Reportedly Developing Their Own ‘Star Wars’ Movie
Now that Disney has gobbled up everything that's important to you and your childhood, they're going to start doing what any corporation worth its salt would do: start squeezing every single possible dollar out of your bank account until your wallet cries uncle. The first step in their recent wave of…
Strange News – Somebody Actually Built the House From Up!
Remembering back when I was a kid, something similar to this always sounded adventurous.  Kind of like jumping off the house with an umbrella to see if I would float gently to the ground, or how many helium balloons would it take to lift me off the ground.  Keep reading!