'Finding Dory', the sequel to Pixar's smash hit 'Finding Nemo', hit theaters this last weekend and was the box office winner of the weekend. 

Who doesn't love the characters in these movies?  They are all just adorable, aren't they?  You just want to take one home to live you, right?  I'm pretty sure  "Blue Tang", is not a refreshing breakfast drink.  It just happens to be the name of Dory's species of fish.  It's also known as the palette surgeon.

According to justjaredjr.com, these type of fish are difficult to breed in captivity, which means, you guessed it, more and more of the fish are being captured from the wild, which in turn means fewer of these fish in the wild.  That is not a good thing.

Also, collectors are using nets to capture these fish and it may be damaging the reef.

Look around in the stores, you will see most of these adorable characters in the stuffed animal form.  They are much cleaner, they don't eat much, and are definitely much easier to take care of.  The best part is, you are not endangering the wildlife by trying to be the one in your neighborhood that has to have that special fish.

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