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Top 10 Paranormal Stories Of 2015
These are the stories that made us question our world and wonder who we could call. Throughout 2015 there were quite a few stories that sent chills down our spines, ranging from strange creatures to the US Government looking for volunteers to legally haunted houses, these are the top paranormal stor…
Hotel Utica Ghost Caught on Camera [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
At this year's Haunts and Legends Live event at the Hotel Utica one guest who explored the forbidden 13th floor took a photo of what looked like two bright lights. When she looked further she couldn't believe her eyes! She had captured what appears to be evidence of the Hotel Utica ghost.
The Undead Crypt Keeper
In this episode Phil guides the explorers to a remote cemetery north of New Berlin near West Edmeston and the Unadilla River to explore the legend of Eunice Welsh, an undead ghoul said to reside in the tomb often driving adventurous visitors away in terror.
Hotel Utica's Haunted Rooms
On Halloween night, we are hosting the Hotel Utica's first ever public ghost hunt. Are there rooms at the hotel that have more paranormal activity than others? We have found three rooms that'll you need to check out and explore on Halloween night.
The Haunted Farnam Mansion
In this episode Phil guides the explorers to the downtown Oneida to explore a grand mansion of the 1800’s, a that has become renowned for history and its haunting activity that echoes of through every day.

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