On Halloween night, meet the city of Utica's most famous ghost: The Tuxedo Man of the Hotel Utica.

There are several reports of guests at the Hotel Utica seeing a man in a tuxedo who then disappears. Who is this man? No one truly knows. Some employees describe accounts of hearing conversations held in empty rooms, and many report fleeting glimpses of this ‘tuxedo man.’ Clearly he's an active spirit looking for someone to talk too.

Guests report seeing him the most at the hotel’s bar the Lamplighter Pub. People report seeing weird shadows, or a figure dressed up sitting at the bar enjoying a drink. He also tends to wander around the bar, and the rest of the hotel. Was he suffering heart break the night of his death? Is that why his ghost remains?

Other reports point to the Tuxedo Man in the ballroom, and hallways of the upper floors. He tends to travel a lot, but reports of him are all consistent. He's always dressed up, and he's always talking.

Come see if you can find out the truth behind him Halloween night with "Haunts and Legends LIVE" at the Hotel Utica:

TRENDING VIDEO- Haunts and Legends

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