Central New York Cars Robbed At 11 Year Old Girl’s Funeral
One of the worst things for any parent is the thought of having to have their child get killed. Unfortunately, the family of 11 year old Central New Yorker Kaylee Wacht had to live those terrible moments after Wacht was killed on December 4th. What could make the situation even worse? The family had their car broken into during the funeral service.
Help Pay Funeral Costs for Beloved Friend to Many
Update: Adrianne is still alive, but is not doing well. She continues to fight this battle as she always has. To the mistake made on my part...I greatly apologize. It was a misinterpretation of the latest update and I am truly sorry. It was never the intention of the station or the author to disturb, hurt, or offend the family or anyone. Deepest apologies to the family and to Adrianne especially.