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Scary Side-Effect
Looks like the jokes on us...Wait, the jokes on you, not me..Eat this, and you'll get a trick. Not the treat you're expecting. So I hear...I really don't know...
Red Velvet Oreo Shakes Are At Burger King
I’m that guy that typically gets excited when restaurants offer new items.  Although, I probably shouldn’t be that guy because it usually means too many calories for me and that just never turns out well.
Fast Food Prices On the Rise
If you thought that your Big Mac costs much more than it did back in 2002, your instincts serve you well. The food has been getting smaller and the prices have been going up
Burger King Hacked
Are you a follower of Burger King on Twitter at @BurgerKing? If so yesterday you may have seen some of the most bizarre tweets. One tweet claimed the company got sold to McDonalds because "The Whopper flopped.". Did you hear about the Burger King Hacker? Who was the Burger King Hac…
Pumpkin Burgers Now Available
Pumpkin Craze is at an all time high. You can get pumpkin coffee, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin hot cocoa, and pumpkin spiced pumpkin. What more could we possibly add pumpkin to you ask? How about burgers?
Burger King Enters Fast Food Fray With Bacon Sundae
When the idea of a mass-produced maple bacon sundae was adopted by Denny's last year, little did they know it would start a firestorm of bacon infused products.
Soon after, west coast based Jack-In-The-Box revealed the Bacon Shake.
Now, we have Burger King to thank for our next foray into places …
Introducing The Burger King Bacon Sundae
Who doesn’t love the delicious taste of bacon on a Sunday morning? Well you can now take that Sunday morning feeling and bottle it up to eat during the week at Burger King. Just in time for the summer, Burger King has released the all new bacon sundae.

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