Burger King’s meatless whopper will soon be available in CNY by the end of the year.

Burger King's new Impossible Whopper is meatless, its a patty made with 0 percent meat and comes from the startup company Impossible Foods, hence the name "Impossible Whopper."

The testing went so well for the meatless Whopper that Burger King is adding it to all its 7,200 branches across the US by the end of this year. The company said in a statement.

“The Impossible Whopper test in St. Louis went exceedingly well and as a result, there are plans to extend testing into additional markets in the very near future...Burger King restaurants in St. Louis are showing encouraging results and Impossible Whopper sales are complementing traditional Whopper purchases.”

The beefless burger is made with heme, a protein cultivated from soybean roots that mimics the texture of meat. Vox.com says:

a huge deal for those who want to see meat alternatives replace actual meat because of concerns over animal cruelty or climate change. If this keeps scaling up, it could help save hundreds of thousands of animals from suffering on factory farms, and it could fight global warming by reducing the number of methane-producing cattle. It could also combat other problems related to our factory-farming system, like antibiotic resistance.

We'll give the Impossible Whopper a try. Will you?

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