New Wine App Tells Crime Story For Each Bottle
A new wine app from 19 Crimes Winery has just launched to help tell the criminal stories of its various labels. The new 19 Crimes app will allow you to listen and see the criminals that are on the labels of the 19 crimes wine bottles. Each bottle has a different story and each story features differe…
New CNY Pizza App
Living in Central New York is amazing. There are many reasons why it is true, but one that is undeniable is the variety of amazing pizza options. With that advantage comes a very simple disadvantage and that is deciding where to get it from...
New App Prevents Teens From Texting and Driving
Parents and Guardians can only do so much when it comes to preventing their teens from texting and driving. You can say "Don't text and drive" until you're blue in the face, but if you're not in the vehicle with them you really can't do anything to stop them. Th…
Apps To Stay Safe
Lt. Steve Hauck, Public Information Officer for the Utica Police Department, says there were 72 sexually related crimes reported in Utica from September 2014-September 2015. There's now some new ways to protect yourself, your children and the elderly.

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