Syracuse has a new brewery on the west side of town, but they don't brew beer. Owners Logan Bonney and Brittany Berry say What they brew are carbonated like beer and about the same strength as many beers--6 or 7 percent alcohol. The beverage is served by the pint at bars and restaurants, like beer.

Anything but beer's beverages start with a base of vegetables and fruit, That 's what provides the sugars that ferment into alcohol and give the beverages their body(unlike beer, whose base is made from grain like malted barley or wheat) Then Anything But Beer adds various ingredients, herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, you get the idea. This gives each product its own flavor and unique name including, The Root Less Traveled, a spiced sweet potato beverage. Chai Your Luck, a ginger chai drink. They've tried out a spicy hot cider called Fired Up.

"There's been a lot of experimentation," Bonny said. "it's been fun to see what works." Anything But Beer hopes to fill what Berry calls a "gaping hole" in the craft beverage market. There's beer, there's wine and there are spirits. There's hard cider and even mead. "What we're saying is we have something for people who want to grab a can of something or go to a bar and have a pint like you do with beer," Berry said, "this is for those who can't drink beer or just don't like beer.

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