[UPDATE] Puppy has been reunited with her family. Thank you for your help.

The New Hartford Police Department found this scared little puppy on the run last night. Do you know where her family is?

Thank goodness Officer Allen saw the puppy before she got hit by a car or hurt some other way. The adorable pup has safely made it to the friendly folks at Steven's Swan Humaine Society awaiting her reunion with her family.

The New Hartford Police Department says: "After a short foot pursuit, we have 1 in "custody". Last evening, this cute pup was found running down Alexandia Road towards Seneca Turnpike when Officer Allen spotted it. Officer Allen got out and called to the scared pup who then jumped into the back seat and started howling. Once Officer Allen opened the window and put his hand out, the pup assumed this position and happily rode patrol back the station. The pup has since been transported up to Steven's Swan. If you know this dog's owner, please contact our Animal Control Department at (315) 733-6666."

Bonus Video:

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