Surprise! It's a flash mob at the wedding reception for Vanessa Pillmore & Ryan Marquette in Rome, on July 15th.

First, congratulations on your wedding Vanessa and Ryan!!! One would wonder how a flash mob this good was pulled off. Everyone participating didn't live next door. Oh no, they were from CA, NY, NC, CO, MA, RI, TN, OH and PA. Yes all over the country.

The choreographer Desiree had it all under control. She used Facebook and YouTube, uploaded a series of private YouTube dance tutorial videos, teaching everyone the dance section by section from her living room and various parks in California. A few days before the wedding, everyone that was in town met at one of the bridesmaid’s houses in Rome to go over the dance in a group. For everyone else that couldn’t be there, their first “rehearsal” with a group was actual show time at the wedding!

I tried to contact Vanessa and Desiree but had no luck. If you know them please pass this on. Looks like a great time and they pulled it off perfectly!!!

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