While the mask debate rages on social media with some claiming that masks don't work and it's all about control and taking away our freedoms. On the other side, people argue that masks save lives by limiting the spread of the coronavirus especially when people can't social distance.

Well, there appears to be another side....the side where actual scientists are developing a mask that actively kills the coronavirus. It doesn't just filter the virus or even just prevent the saliva droplets from becoming airborne, it actually kills the virus.

According to WNYT, researchers around the globe have been working on a mask that will kill the coronavirus and now SUNY Polytechnic Institute researchers, students, and scientists at the Marcy and Albany campuses will work on this project thanks to a grant they were just awarded.

The goal is the develop a mask powered by a tiny battery that will filter and actively kill viruses, including COVID-19. Then once the technology is perfected make it a universal technology that can be adapted to multiple uses. The researchers are now in the process of obtaining a patent for their technology.

You could have your home furnace upgraded to virus killing technology, or a filter installed in your car that would actively kill viruses on your drive to work while listening to Free Beer and Hot Wings and, of course, businesses all over the world could use the technology to keep their workplaces virus free.

Think about the possibilities of eliminating no just the coronavirus, but other viruses too.

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