Remember how we were talking about Subway Subs only being 11 inches? Well finally Subway has responded, and the response may make you mad. Subway has finally commented on the controversy, and their statement may cause more problems.

Subway first responded to the person in Australia who posted the first photo. They admitted that the sub was, quote, "slightly undersized" and blamed it on the bread not being baked to their standards.


This is the part that you'll get mad at, Subway said, quote, "the footlong is not intended to be a measurement of length." That's right, they are trying to play that card. They have no idea why you would expect a Subway footlong to be a foot long.

"With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, 'SUBWAY FOOTLONG' is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway® Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length."

I'm sure more to follow on this delicious story.



[via Gawker]