Steve Winwood‘s classic 1980 record, ‘Arc of a Diver,’ is getting the deluxe reissue. The Second Disc reports that the updated version will come with a bonus disc that includes a number of extra goodies.

The updated release, due Sept. 24 in the U.K., will include three additional tracks. The edited U.S. single version of the ‘Arc of a Diver’ title track, a 2010 edit of ‘Spanish Dancer,’ and the U.K. 12-inch instrumental version of ‘Night Train’ are all new extras for the release. Plus, the fourth track on the bonus disc is a BBC Radio 2 documentary entitled ‘Arc of a Diver: The Steve Winwood Story.’

The disc was recorded at Winwood’s home studio on a farm in Gloucestershire. It was best known for the breakout single ‘While You See a Chance.’ The album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, while the single made it to No. 7.

Winwood’s second solo release found the musician playing acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, drums and percussion, as well as writing or co-writing the lyrics for every single song on the disc. Fans can also look for new liner notes as part of this updated package, with journalist and BBC presenter David Hepworth penning the critical info for the disc.

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