March of 2013 has been a great month for new music. We got new stuff from Hendrix, a new album from Bowie, and now Eric Clapton is releasing a new album called "Old Sock" on 3/12. You can listen to the album for free before buying it. Listen here:

The album is currently streaming live on the "Wall Street Journal's" website. It features 10 covers, and two new original songs: "Gotta Get Over" and "Every Little Thing". Eric's guests on this album include Paul McCartney, who plays bass on "All of Me", and Steve Winwood, who plays the organ on "Still Got the Blues".

This will be the 21st solo studio album from Eric Clapton. The album features Clapton's take on 10 favorite songs from throughout his life.

Clapton stretches out on a variety of sounds and styles, pulling up the reggae undertones of Taj Mahal’s “Further on Down the Road,” taking an uncharacteristic honky-tonk turn on the country standard “Born to Lose” and dabbling in vintage show tunes on the 1937 Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein ballad “The Folks Who Live on the Hill.”



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