Commercials.  Outside of the Super Bowl, I typically zoom through them.  They are the main reason why I own a DVR.  Every once in awhile, there will be one that catches my eye and I have to really stop and watch and listen. 

I love the PSA that I typically see in the morning where the truck cuts the guy off and the guy proceeds to let loose with a string of obscenities and then the little girl in the back seat explains to him that “we don’t use words like that”.  I always stop at that one.

The one that I have seen most recently features a busy dad and his daughter who is craving his attention.  She empties her piggy bank and ventures off to the copy store, where she purchases a life size cutout of her father.  She carries the cutout around everywhere she goes, pretending that she is spending time with her dad.

One of her last stops on her way home, is to the grocery store where she picks up all of the fixings for s’mores.  When she gets home, her actual father takes time out of his busy schedule to help make and enjoy the treats with her.

If this doesn’t jerk some tears out of you when you watch it, I don’t know what will.

Here’s the really cool part…the song playing in the background is none other than Steve Winwood and his daughter Lilly singing Steve’s hit song “Higher Love”.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, here is the extended version of it.  Watch it with someone you love, and then take some time to do something together.  Together with a Higher Love.

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