We've covered a handful of roads in Central New York reported as haunted by ghosts, and other creep creatures. Have you heard about the haunted road in Durhamville called Sterling Road? It's just outside of Sylvan Beach. 

This road has had several paranormal experiences reported on it. Yours truly has drove down this strip many times, and can agree that it's pretty creepy. These stories include reports of a murder on the road, and high pitch screaming heard.

A long unpaved road, said to hear high pitched screaming in the distance. There is a lot of commotion when you stop in the middle of the road. Two gravestones located on a hill."

People have reported driving on this road and heard screams in the distance. Could the grave stones/murder be tied together with the screams?

People who have driven on this have see cars racing up and down the road, and have cars drive slowly past your car if you stop."

I for one have never seen any sort of ghost car on this road. However, the New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society DID see a car disappear right before their own eyes.

Now for stopping in the road, well this is what happened to us. We stopped to get our cameras on and ready when we did a car pulled up next to us, as we sat there looking at the car for only seconds I thought we were going to get shot the windows were dark and you could not see anyone in the car. The car then pulled in front of us and started driving slowly down the road we then followed not too close I wanted room to stop. as we followed it the tail lights just disappeared thats right just disappeared! We went up and down that road looking for a pull off that he may have turned on but could not find ANY! I have to tell you we went back there several times and this has never happened to us again."

So be careful on this road at night, that's my only advice.