The New York State Liquor Authority levied fines against two area establishments on Tuesday, after violations to COVID-19 restrictions were charged by state investigators.

One Genny in New Hartford was charged back in June with serving alcohol in a tent adjacent to their business and on the sidewalk, when those outdoor locations weren't a part of their liquor license. The owners of One Genny made a $1,500 conditional offer to settle the matter and it was accepted by SLA board members.

Screenshot of NYSLA Document.
Screenshot of NYSLA Document.

Another local establishment, Magnet Holdings which operates Knuckleheads Brew House in Westmoreland faced charges of mask violations and failure to supervise. Owners offered a $1,500 conditional offer and it was accepted by SLA board members.

Dozens of liquor license violations were were ruled upon on Tuesday and fines ranging from $1500 to $35,000 were considered, along with a handful of license cancellations.


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