Governor Andrew Cuomo has turned into the Grinch for Christmas.

First there was the Cuomo window cling that caught on after the Governor announced no more than 10 guests could be inside your home during the Thanksgiving holidays. Now there's a sign for your lawn that shows "How Cuomo Stole Christmas"

Shelby Verstreate is selling the Governor Grinch signs for $28. You can reach out to her on her Facebook page.

Photo Credit - Shelby Verstreate

By the way, the Cuomo window cling got an update for Christmas to include a Santa hat from Zoom Buffalo. You can get yours for $12.25.

Photo Credit - Zoom Buffalo

COVID restrictions continue in New York, with more possibly on the way. If hospital rates don't fall, indoor dining could take another hit. "If after 5 days a region's hospital rate has not stabilized, indoor dining will close or be reduced," Cuomo tweeted. "In NYC, indoor dining would close entirely. In (the) rest of the state, indoor dining would be reduced to 25% capacity."

80 New Yorkers died due to COVID-19 in New York State on Monday, December 7th, bringing the total coronavirus deaths to 27,232.

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