Starbucks is putting a different spin on their holiday cups.

This is a big change for Starbucks, as this year's cups feature a white background in the hopes customers will join in the fun and decorate their cups. You might recall how everyone was decorating their cup all through the holidays.

Taking a cue from customers who had been using their cups as a canvas. Last year Starbucks red cups featured 13 different designs by customers.

This years holiday campaign is "Give Good," giving customers the opportunity to be creative with the cup sleeve. "Give Good" can be something as small as opening the door for someone. The holidays are a time to be kind to our fellow men and woman and their animals whatever they may be.

Reach out to someone in our community, a small gesture costs nothing and can really brighten someone's day. Then transfer that thought to this year cup sleeve. It's your chance to make a statement on your cup and of course be creative.


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