Do you love Starbucks? Correction do you love FREE Starbucks? So do we. This week Starbucks is giving away free 12-ounce cups of Blonde and Vanilla Blonde coffee.

Starbucks is encouraging customers to taste its Blonde Roast coffee, which debuted in autumn 2011, and its even newer Vanilla Blonde coffee by offering free samples in several different venues for a limited time this week. (1/8-1/11).

The chain is offering free 12 oz "tall" cups of Blonde and Vanilla Blonde coffee via a new Facebook app for the purchase of "eGifts." If you sign up for the app, you can send yourself and a friend an electronic coupon redeemable for a free cup of the light-roasted coffee.”

The new promotion will be carried in several different stores for a limited time in an effort to attract customers who prefer light-roasted coffee. Free Coffee attracted me!