January 18th is National Gourmet Coffee Day. A time where coffee enthusiasts relish in the finest of beverages, celebrating the greatest creation the coffee bean has to offer.

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Now... do people nationwide actually celebrate this holiday? The answer, probably not. Most people likely have no idea National Gourmet Coffee Day is even a thing.

Restaurants and coffee shops big and small typically offer deals on National Coffee Day on September 29th. For Tuesday's holiday though, it doesn't seem many offers are out there. But that isn't going to stop us from celebrating.

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First off, there's one question we have to ask...

What is Gourmet Coffee?

It's often referred to as the highest quality of coffee because it consists of 100% arabica beans. Over half of the world's coffee beans are arabica, a plant that grows at higher elevations and temperatures sitting around 70 degrees. Costa Rica is an example of a place where these plants thrive.

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Gourmet coffee is also rated on a 100 point scale. Coffee Review says that in order for a cup to be deemed "gourmet", it needs to have a 94 point rating. Many coffee shops will simply list their coffee as gourmet if it has anywhere above an 80 point rating.

Now we ask ourselves, where can we get gourmet coffee in our region? There are actually many options to choose from. Here's a list of the top 7 places to get a cup of gourmet coffee in and around Utica.

Top 7 Places To Get Gourmet Coffee Around Utica

National Gourmet Coffee day is January 18th. You can celebrate by getting your own cup of gourmet coffee from a local shop. Here's a list of the top rated coffee shops in Utica.

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