Last week, New York State announced that it was kicking Spectrum out and Assemblyman Brindisi is taking it a step further, calling for refunds for Spectrum customers, but which of the 2 million customers is he representing?

I've had my fair share of Spectrum issues, namely with the internet to the point that three techs were shipped out at the same time last week to solve the problem after the previous four individuals failed to figure out what was wrong and after some two dozen phone calls to customer service. But it looks like the rebate checks would be for those who's rates have been hiked beyond the national average (all of us?) and those that live in rural areas and were promised service upgrades but never received them.

It also looks as if Spectrum is going to challenge their ousting in court, so if anyone's getting rebate checks, that will be the LAST thing that the cable company gets to once the legal legal battle comes to a close. Don't hold your breath and maybe switch to Dish in the meantime.

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