What is going on? Why would Spectrum charge $5.00 if you need help paying your bill via phone?

Cable company Spectrum charged 86 year old Elanor Llyod from Chili NY $5.00 to talk to a customer service representative about a problem with her bill while paying it. Talk about nickel and diming right? This is one of the reasons why your cable bill is so high.

Spectrum owned by Charter Communications bought out Time Warner Cable and said you can speak to a human being, but if they assist you in paying your bill over the phone, then you'll be charged $5.00. According to News10NBC, it can only be charged once a month, but who cares it's the principal of the matter.

If you go to the Spectrum website, it will offer you options to answer your billing questions for free, but that doesn't work for some of the older generation. Elanor doesn't have a computer so when a problem arises she must call the company.  She was connected to an automated service and when she said she said she wanted to talk to a customer representative and she was told by the recording that she would be charged $5.00.

When is enough enough? Hey Spectrum customers, maybe you should call every day and make partial payments on your bill through customer service. Your one-time $5.00 fee will cover your calls all month. Do you think they would get the point then?

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