The current world record for the largest Ice Bucket Challenge is held by China at 782 participants. Sitrin Health Care Center and ALS of Utica will attempt to brake the current record this Sundaythat record.

The goal is to have 1,000 or more people to take part in this challenge this Sunday, July 23, 2017 at Murnane Field, following the Utica Blue Socks game at 3pm.

Utica Blue Socks co-owner George Deak will give a free ticket to the game for anyone that participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge that afternoon. "The Blue Sox are honored to host this world record-breaking event," says Deak. "The Blue Sox are an organization centered around community involvement and welcome any chance to support great organizations such as these."

Sitrin Outreach Coordinator Marc DePerno says their Guinness World Record application is being reviewed. "This opportunity to collaborate with the Utica Blue Sox provides an opportune venue and environment for this world record attempt."

The primary purpose of the Guinness World Records is to encourage people to challenge themselves and to surpass human limits. "Persons with ALS do that every day as they fight for their lives," said DePerno.



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