Back in April, many Americans received their first stimulus check. Since then, a lot of speculation has circulated about receiving a second check as part of the coronavirus relief efforts. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be getting that any time soon.

All of the talks regarding the payments have been paused. Although members of Congress agreed that a second check is necessary, they are failing to reach an agreement about what will actually be offered.

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The second payment has been in discussion since May and negotiations have been taking place since then. There were reports of a deal allegedly being reached by the end of last week so that the bill could pass this past Monday. That did not happen.

Most lawmakers have returned to their home states even though Congress' August recess was put on hold , and it seems they aren't eager to get back to the negotiations. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said on Wednesday they are “miles apart” in negotiations and that it's unclear as to when they may continue.

According to CNBC, the next set of payments would probably start arriving in September at the earliest.

President Trump did sign four new executive orders regarding unemployment benefits, potential relief for renters, student loan payment deferrals and a payroll tax holiday for workers. He did not include stimulus checks, though he has said he supports them.

The good news here is that the checks will definitely be coming. We just don't have concrete information about what to expect.

We'll keep you updated as we find out more.

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