Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is blasting Democrats for eliminating her district in the newly-drawn redistricting map for New York state.

The Utica-area Republican has announced she intends to run for election in the newly-drawn 23rd Congressional District.

Tenney now represents the 22nd District but that district effectively vanishes with the latest redistricting proposal which is expected to be approved this week.

In a news release, Tenney said: "Democrats in Albany are targeting me because they know I'll continue to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul's radical agenda."

Tenney described the latest congressional redistricting scheme as a "partisan gerrymandered map."

Portions of Tenney's current district will be included in the newly-drawn 23rd District.

Tenney now lives outside the new district. She can be a candidate to represent the district but she will be required to live in the district if she wins the November election.


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