A new and improved online map system is giving snowmobile riders the latest trail conditions of all public and private snowmobiling trails in NYS.

NYS has over 10,000 miles of marked and groomed trails available proving there're tons of snowmobiling opportunities for everyone this Winter. Snowmobilers can take advantage of a new and improved online 'Trail Status Map' for every public and private snowmobiling trail in the state.

Trail Coordinator for the New York State Snowmobile Association, Jim Rolf says the free interactive map, with all its bells and whistles, will be the first of its kind in the country.  The overall goal of this new map will enable any snowmobiler – resident or non-resident – to see for free what trails are open and what trails aren’t as they make their plans to get out sledding.

Phase one of the downloadable NYSSA map available now:

  • An interactive map of all the snowmobile trails in the state.
  • Current weather radar loop overlay that will enable sledders to see current weather conditions including snow and rain conditions.
  • Current snow depths in any particular area.
  • Trail statuses for some areas.

The second phase, Rolf said, is key and will take place beginning soon and throughout the season. The map will allow the state’s 228 private snowmobile clubs to regularly post updated trail conditions and trail alerts, such as whether a trail is open or closed or making and sledders aware of unsafe conditions, such as a bridge being out or water hazards.

Rolf says the map is going to be a work in progress for the first year. Get more information here.

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