We all have some friends that live outside the Utica area, and when they come to visit we have to show them how we do things in Central New York.

A couple of this author's roommates from his college days came to visit and he had to show them what it's like to party in Utica. They started the night with a few Utica Clubs with some upside-down pizza and chicken wings from Laurey's Pizzeria in Clinton. Afterwards, they all headed out to the Killabrew for a couple more of Utica's finest beverages. The following morning, the three of them all went to The Boulevard Diver in Whitesboro for some breakfast to finish up their time in Utica.

It was one of their first times in Utica and they were surprised to see how differently we live our lives here, not to mention it was about 20 degrees colder here than where they are from! The next time they come up, they wanted to see some more sights around the area, including the Saranac Brewery and maybe even The Utica Zoo once it warms up. While they have had or famous tomato pie before, they also haven't tried Riggies or Utica Greens yet, so they will definitely have to make their way back to Utica.

What do you like to do when your friends from out of town come to Utica for a day?

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