Every single year we ask this same question and we usually ask it on Monday morning, the day after the Super Bowl.  So what's the deal?  Why is no one making this happen? It's likely the most called off day in America, so why isn't it a holiday?  Oh, you can believe me, super fans have been trying for years, unsuccessfully, of course.  You can actually read more information about it here.  So here's your answer.  The holidays we have are sacred for that very reason.  Labor Day, President's Day, Christmas, New Year's, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day, and the rest, have certainly earned the right to have a national holiday and this is why you will likely never see the day after the super bowl a national holiday.  So that raises the next question, why don't they play the super bowl on Saturday?  Good question, why don't they?  Ponder that one for awhile.  I'm going back for more nachos.  Enjoy the game and don't call in sick on Monday!