Adrian Peterson took the field for the Minnesota Vikings game against the Carolina Panthers this past weekend with a heavy heart, following the murder of his two year old son. But should he have played so soon after such a tragedy in his personal life?

Many have defended Peterson's decision to play, given the fact that people choose to cope with tragedies in their lives in different ways. For Peterson, football seemed to be an outlet to get away from what has surely been a rough few days.

Peterson, who gained 83 total yards in the Vikings blowout loss to Carolina, told reporters that he prayed for the strength to help his teammates by playing.

It can be argued that, with such a serious situation going on in his personal life, helping his teammates should have been the last thing on his mind. Regardless of what his relationship was with the child, with reports indicating that he had only recently learned he was the father, it is the opinion of some that helping the rest of the family through this situation should come before football.

Do you think that Adrian Peterson should have played in the wake of his son's death?

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